Export Packing / Storage

With our facilities boasting a lift capacity of 70,000 kgs, coupled with a team of Specialist packers whose individual experiences can span 40 years, P & A boast of high quality facilities and techniques to provide a fit-to purpose solution to each customer’s needs. Barrier Foil - Envelope, Box Bag Base sheet / Box Bag Centre Seal, Desiccants, polyethylene &Shrink-wrap are used in our entire packing processes dependant on the style and fragility of its transit, climate hazards and storage conditions. Our Sales & design team have the experience & wealth of knowledge to assist in supporting heavy lift / out of gauge technical specifications. We provide packing for Sea/Air and Road On and Off Site at our customers own premises to fit with their needs. Our Quality and Safety for any product, case, packing and people is our number one priority. Shockwatch & Tiltwatch indicators are used on all our Fragile packing for secure onward transit support.

P & A provide Storage for customers; the area taken is based on a Super metre value and charged monthly. If you require your goods packed and then stored, P & A hold a 28 DAY FREE storage policy.
Please contact sales@papack.comfor more details.

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