P & A PACKING - Loading of the Antonov 225

Early June, saw P & A Packing (Northern) Ltd support the Logistical movement of 100 t & 69 t for Korea.

On a typical British day, I was lucky enough to be part of the 1st Mriya (“An-225 Dream”) movement being loaded with our goods.

With a team of 6 crew, the skids were lifted via crane onto a metal ramp loaded into the nose.   

The Packing cases hoisted via Crane into the specialised rear cargo doors.

The An-225 is the largest airplane in the world; it is the heaviest aircraft in terms of wingspan in operational service. It has a landing gear system with 32 wheels and is an asset to our industry for transporting objects once thought impossible to move via air.

Our photographs taken show the scale of work it takes to move such cargo and by 5.45pm we saw the An 225 commercial service depart from Terminal 2.

P & A Packing (Northern) Ltd have the team and skills to manage such Projects. Please don’t hesitate to call one of our Sales Team to support you with your next logistical movement TODAY!!!!.

Sally Redman – International Transport Manager.

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