The degree of export packing required greatly depends on, but not inclusive to, the kind of product and the mode of transportation.

Shipments made by sea typically require extensive packing and moisture protection because of longer transit time, exposure to the humid environment, and the fact that they are usually handled multiple times.

Shipments made by air may require a lesser degree of export packing than sea freight shipments because the transit times are shorter. However, changes in temperature and altitude may cause condensation, so effective moisture protection is often required.

P&A Packing (Northern) Limited take careful consideration of all such factors when manufacturing and packing customer shipments to export standards.

P&A Packing (Northern) Limited utilise the use of the following when export packing

    • All packing completed to British standards
    • Aluminum foil bags are used and desiccant quantities calculated to help reduce air moisture.
    • Lift capacity of up to 70 tonne
    • Use of foam packings to protect your shipments
    • Use of Shockwatches & Tiltwatches to help protect and monitor your shipments
    • Dedicated pack onsite service, along with in house transport.
    • All shipments and packing process are fully documented and photographed.